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Cassandra JB Creative is a boutique private photo editing company helping hybrid photographers gain more time to grow their business.


Speed up your editing workflow and improve consistency with this one trick

Is editing eating up all of your time? Do you struggle to use Lightroom efficiently and consistently? I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. With one simple trick, you can drastically speed up your workflow. How? I hear you ask.

It is all in the metadata.

You’ve completed your photoshoot and you’ve imported your photos into Lightroom. Now let me ask you a question. How do you organize your photos? I’m guessing you stick with the default capture time because on the surface that would make the most sense. Editing by capture time should theoretically mean that the lighting conditions are similar across a series of images. You should therefore be able to edit and sync consistently across a huge number of images without a problem. But have you ever tried that to only find that it doesn’t work? Every other image seems to be just a little off. And you then find yourself spending the next few hours frantically tweaking each individual image?

Stop editing by capture time.

Start editing by camera and lens.

You see, images may have been captured at a similar time and in similar lighting conditions, but if you shot on multiple camera bodies and lenses, there are so many extra factors that can impact your image consistency. Each camera body and each lens can have very different levels of exposure and VERY different color profiles. Have you ever compared a shot on a Canon 5dm3 with an image shot on a Canon 5dm4? it is insane! And as for Canon vs. Nikon. I’ll let you imagine.

Editing by camera and lens allows you to edit for consistency across the different variables at speed. Here is my handy-dandy video for how to speed up your editing and improve your consistency.

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I’m a Lightroom ninja who loves helping busy professional hybrid and fine-art photographers reclaim their time. I specialize in hybrid photography editing and film emulation for digital photographers.

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