Your Hybrid Photo Editor

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I think we can all agree that film photography is having a major renaissance at the moment. After years of decline, new photographers are beginning to discover the wonders of shooting with film. Nowhere is this more true than in the wedding photography industry where everyone seems desperate to get their hands on a reasonably priced medium format camera. The results I’ve seen have been truly remarkable and the goal post for exquisite wedding image has moved miles. 

But when shooting film there comes a few challenges. It is still hugely expensive – both to purchase and process - and not always practical when you’ve been entrusted to document someone’s big day. You have to get it right for your client after all. There are no do-overs after all.

Enter hybrid photography! The perfect marriage of digital and film photography to ensure the best wedding day coverage possible.

A wedding photographer will shoot film in situations they have control over. Think portraits, details and family formals. The digital camera then comes out for those more unpredictable and fast-moving moments – getting ready, the ceremony and reception. It is also a much safer bet for those instances where the light is just downright terrible. Thanks Lightroom!

And speaking of Lightroom, when shooting hybrid then comes the need for an editing workflow to create a seamless flow between your film and digital images. This type of editing requires experience and patience to nail it every time.

This is where I can help you! For this 2019 Season, I will be focusing on helping hybrid photographers. Why? Because I am a trained film photographer myself and I truly understand what it takes to match your digital images to your film scans.  

Now I do utilize some of the big-name film-matching presets to get me started with the process, but I also know that they don’t 100% match most photographer’s work. So much like your film lab, I work with all of my clients to create their own unique film-matching preset. This takes factors into account like film lab, film scanner and scanning preferences. It is a very thorough process and takes time

If you are shooting hybrid or thinking about shooting hybrid and would like to discuss outsourcing your photo editing to a private photo editor then let’s chat! I can’t wait to meet you! Oh and stick around in the coming weeks when I will be sharing my top film-matching tips and tricks.