Private Photo Editor and Visual Content Manager to Fine Art and Hybrid Wedding Photographers.

Behind the ScreeN

Meet Cassandra

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Hi! I’m Cassandra, but you can call me Cass.

I am a photography nerd, frequent traveller, keen landscape photographer, hiking enthusiast, and devoted foodie. And dare I mention my coffee addiction? Probably best not to. My enthusiasm for clean processes, systems and organization is strong and my husband jokes that I was Marie Kondo-ing long before Marie Kondo. I love all things Lightroom and I have black belt in Photoshop. I’m even pretty handy with InDesign.

With a BA in Photojournalism from American University, I worked as a film photographer for over 15 years before becoming a private photo editor. Why does this information matter? Because I get it! All those hours spent behind your computer when you would rather be out shooting. The desire to provide your clients’ with the best possible experience. The drive for excellence and consistency across your portfolio. I also truly understand film and all the complexities that come with shooting hybrid. Having be there before, I will make sure that all your visual bases are covered and that your business truly thrives.

I started my business solely as a private photo editor in 2018, but soon found myself also supporting clients with their content creation tasks. I realized quickly that I loved the variety of work and saw that my strength for strategizing and completing those time-hungry tasks was making a tangible difference. And so Cassandra JB Creative was born; an all-inclusive visual content service to help fine art and hybrid wedding photographers take back control of their time so they can focus on the things they love doing most.

Fluttering between my hometown (New York), adopted home (London) and all of the places in between, I am a wanderer who loves life on the road and all the opportunity it brings.