Private Photo Editor and Visual Content Manager to Fine Art and Hybrid Wedding Photographers.

Photo Editing and

Visual Content Management

for Fine Art and Hybrid Photographers

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Nail your style, elevate your brand, provide a truly remarkable client experience, and get back to intentionally living your life of love and adventure without compromise.

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I help fine art and hybrid photographers take back control of their time to focus on the things they love doing most.

I am a film photography editing specialist with a love of all things visual. If you are struggling to stay on top of your photo editing or need a hand with preparing and curating your images for social media, blog posts and publications, then I’m your girl!

Outsourcing these time-hungry tasks within your photography business will give you back the time needed to build your professional and personal life in a meaningful and sustainable way.  


Meet Cassandra


Hi! I’m Cassandra.

But you can call me Cass. I’m a travel and interiors photographer turned private photo editor and visual content manager to fine art and hybrid photographers.

Photography nerd, frequent traveller, keen landscape photographer, hiking enthusiast, devoted foodie. And dare I mention my coffee addiction? Probably best not to. I love all things Lightroom and I have a black belt in Photoshop. I’m even pretty handy with InDesign. Project Management is my game and my enthusiasm for clean processes, systems and organization is strong. My husband jokes that I was Marie Kondo-ing long before Marie Kondo.

Voted as “Problem Solver of the Year” and “Customer Service Ninja” by work colleagues, I thrive on serving others to the absolute best of my ability. It has been hugely rewarding working with and empowering fellow photographers to focus on and achieve their biggest dreams.  I want you to get back to intentionally living your life of love and adventure without compromise.


WorkING Together


The CJB Difference

I know you spend all the hours of the day working on your business. You absolutely love what you do and you have a clear vision for a bigger and brighter future. Yet I bet when you decided to become a professional photographer you never imagined how much time would be spent behind a computer screen. Your goals are achievable, but you are being held back by those small day-to-day tasks.

Every photographer I work with has come to me because they hit a point in their career where editing and managing their day-to-day visual content was holding them back from doing work that would have the biggest impact on the success of their business and achieving a healthy work/life balance. 

If you think you are getting to that stage then I am here to help. Working with me has the potential to radically transform your workflow, your business, and your life for the better. 

And when you choose to work with me, you get not only a helping hand, but also a friend. A friend who will work alongside you to help and encourage you to build the business of your dreams.

No matter where you are with your business, I’m here to cheer you on and help you reach your biggest goals by taking on those time-hungry tasks off your plate. 



Most photographers start their outsourcing journey with my bespoke private editing service and then add on one of my visual content management packages to suit their unique business needs when they are ready.

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Private Photo Editing

This is my signature service and where it all began. I edit to match your digital images with your film scans using my tried and tested bespoke approach. Think of me as your modern photo lab. Only shooting digital, but want a true film-like finish? I can help you, too!


Visual Content Management

Content is still king when it comes to great marketing. Whether you need help curating compelling visuals to tell your story on Instagram or SEO optimized images for your blog, I can step in to get the work done so that all you need to do is hit “publish.” Sound good?


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