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Helping hybrid photographers gain more time and grow their business.

Photo Editing + Business Support

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Let me ask you a question. What would your business and personal life look like if you were no longer spending every spare moment editing client galleries? 

- Would you be able to book those extra five sessions? 
- Give a more elevated experience to you clients? 
- Start that new podcast you’ve been dreaming of? 
- Or simply make space for the weekend again?

I help busy portrait, wedding, and lifestyle photographers gain more time so they can get back to doing what matters most. Outsource your photo-editing today.

Let's make it happen.

I'm So Glad you are here!


When you hire me to help, you aren’t getting just another service; you are gaining a creative partner and your biggest cheerleader! 


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Photo Editing






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I’m a Lightroom ninja who loves helping busy professional hybrid photographers reclaim their time. I specialize in hybrid photography editing and film emulation for digital photographers.

Editing is my jam and, with over 20 years’ experience working as a film photographer, you can trust me to provide high-quality and consistent edits that match your unique style.

Voted as “Problem Solver of the Year” and “Customer Service Ninja” by work colleagues, I thrive on serving others to the absolute best of my ability. It has been hugely rewarding working with and empowering fellow photographers to reach for and achieve their wildest dreams.

Living the digital nomad life, I split my time between the hills of the Peak District National Park in England, the coast of Central California and the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Director, Lead support

Cassandra Jackson-Baker



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How it works

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When you decided to become a photographer I bet you never imagined how much time you would spend behind a computer screen editing.  Every photographer I work with has come to me because they have hit a point in their journey where editing is holding them back from doing the work that will have the biggest impact on the success of their business and personal life.

If you think you are getting to that stage then I am here to help. Hiring a private photo editor has the potential to radically transform your workflow, your business, and your life FOR THE BETTER.

I am a pro film photographer with over 20 years of experience. No two photographers are the same and I pride myself in the fact that I will always provide a bespoke editing service that meets all of your needs; it is never a case of just copying and pasting the latest preset!

Are you ready to outsource your photo editing?

Photo Editing

Why ME?

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-Preset application
(if applicable)
-Exposure correction
-Color correction
-Basics Panel adjustments
-Tone Curve adjustments
-HSL adjustments
-Basic straightening
-Sharpening/noise reduction

Price - .40¢/image

Basic Lightroom edits +

-Skin smoothing - $1/ image
-Brushwork - $1/image
-Filters - .50¢/image

The above fees are in addition to the .40¢/image basic Lightroom charge.

Need Photoshop retouching? 
Prices from $2.50/image

I offer a full-service outsourcing service for photographers across the Globe. I keep my pricing structure simple and transparent so you never have to guess how much you are going to spend. Below is a detailed guide of what is included in my editing package.

Price Guide



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There are a lot of great photo editors out there offering a very similar service, but what they don’t have is me! When you hire me as your private photo editor, you aren’t getting just another service; you are getting a personalised experience and your biggest cheerleader! An accountability partner who wants you and your business to reach its full potential. I want to help you propel your business to the next level in a sustainable way.

You can rest assured that I will do my darndest to make sure your photos look their absolute best. I will invest a lot of time and energy in getting to know you, your photography preferences, your unique brand, and your visionary goals. That is why I am hugely selective in who I take on as a client and never do one-off or temporary editing projects.  

Elevating a photographer’s work so that it shines is what makes me happiest. I don’t just edit for you. I edit with you so we can create something beautiful together.

My Private Photo Editing Philosphy

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I do not provide test edits. This is because private photo editing is a long-term game. I work extremely closely with clients to truly understand their style and vision. It often takes 3-5 full galleries for an editor to truly get into the groove of a particular editing style.

In my experience test edits do not accurately demonstrate an editor's ability nor the potential for a great working relationship. The best way to find an editor is to chat with a few and find the one your gel with best!

Do you provide test edits?

Unlike other private photo editors, I don’t have set turnaround times. Instead, I work with each of my clients to create a bespoke editing schedule that fits their unique business workflow. It is a tried and trusted system that my clients rave about!

Why does it work? Because it helps my clients stay accountable to their agreed editing schedule. It also gives me enough time to edit accurately and consistently. And the best part? We can optimise gallery delivery times so you can provide the best client experience possible. Bye, bye rushed deadlines!


I will use whatever preset you feel works best! In my arsenal I have access to The Archetype Process (formerly C1ick), Mastin Labs, Noble, Refined and Lily James.

Do you use a different preset? Let’s talk. I am always happy to invest in a new preset if it works for you.

Not happy with any of the presets you’ve tried? We can experiment. Usually with the right tweaks, we can make one of the big-name film-emulation presets work!


I work exclusively in Adobe Lightroom Classic 10.0 or later. Unfortunately I am unable to use earlier versions since Adobe and Big Sur only allow me to have one version on my computer.

You will also need a Dropbox account for file transferring.


Simple and supportive is how I run things around here. 

I use Lightroom Smart Previews and Dropbox.  

To help you out, I have created a suite of videos that will walk you through the entire process. It is as simple as 1.2.3. And rest assured that I can be on hand if you need further support.

How do we share files?

My basic Lightroom edit consists of the following actions:

-Preset application
-Film-matching (if applicable)
-Exposure correction
-Color correction
-Basics Panel adjustments
-Tone Curve adjustments
-HSL adjustments
-Basic straightening
-Sharpening/noise reduction

I am happy to apply filters and brushwork for an additional fee.

Please see my pricing guide for more detailed information.

What actions are included in your LIGHTROOM EDIT?

Frequently Asked Questions


Working with a private photo editor is a very personal business decision. I want to make sure it is the right decision for both of us. 

I choose to work with a very select group of photographers to ensure that I can deliver the best client experience tailored specifically to everyone’s unique style and brand. Because I put a lot of effort into custom-building a bespoke photo editing system for my clients, I am unable to offer short-term or one-off help with editing. 

If you are interested in working with me, please complete my form below. I will send you a complete information packet and we can begin the conversation to see if we would make the perfect partnership! 

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Are you ready to outsource your Photo editing?

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